Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory

Feeling victorious!  On September 11th, three Sacramento heroes who stopped a terrorist attack onboard a French train in August were honored, Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos.   I was so proud to witness and photograph these moments.

VICTORY, this week’s photo challenge.

Victory Victory Victory Victory

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

This week’s challenge is ORNATE.  Historic buildings contain ornate décor.  The California State Library is one.

Ornate Ornate Ornate Ornate


Weekly Photo Challenge: Careful

Circus performers and workers take risks in all they do to entertain the public.  From animal trainers, trapeze acts, acrobats, dancers, animal riders, clowns, to tightrope walkers,  and more.  They take the highest precautions to perform perfection.  See this week’s challenge by Michelle W, CAREFUL.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

What’s your HAPPY PLACE?!?  This week’s challenge by Krista.  So many to choose.  Fun! Happy! Let loose!

Happy Place

Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

BOUNDARIES, this week’s photo challenge by Ben Huberman.  These boundaries prevent entry to the other side.

Boundaries   BoundariesBoundaries

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

We live in constant change.  These photographs show the changes in the balloons positions and reactions by the crowd below.  CHANGE, the Weekly Photo Challenge.  The photos were taken earlier this year aboard the Star Princess.  The event celebrates 50 years for the cruise line.

Change Change Change Change

Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

GRID is this week’s photo challenge.  These photographs were taken during a trip to New York.  Be sure to see the other entires to this challenge.

Grid  GridGrid Grid   GriGridGrid

Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

This week’s photo challenge is CONNECTED, presented by Ben Huberman.  Visit Old Town Sacramento and take a buggy ride to see the sights.  See the other photos submitted for this challenge.


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