Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry On Top

The umbrella tops off this ensemble.  CHERRY ON TOP is this week’s challenge.  Check out the great contributions to this challenge.

Cherry On Top

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

Artists details.  DETAILS is this week’s photo challenge.  These photographs were taken during the Crocker Art Museum’s block party held at a local library.  The museum hosted block parties in various local communities.

Details Details Details DetailsDetailsDetails

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

LOOK UP and capture more.  This week’s photo challenge reminds us to take the time to view all of our surroundings.

Look Up Look Up Look Up Look Up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This week’s challenge brings OPPOSITES together.  They do attract as shown in these photographs.  The Old Sugar Mill creates terraces at the rear of the building with various flowers and plants here and there, while retaining the old rustic atmosphere.

OppositesOpposites Opposites Opposites Opposites

Weekly Photo Challenge: Partners

PARTNERS in the AMGEN Race of California.  Skillful riders stay close and keep up the pace.  One rider takes a selfie while at a stop.  Check out this week’s challenge.

PartnersPartners Partners

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

There is an abundance of CURVES at a winery.   Rather than the barrels and bottles, I am featuring “corks”!  Join the CURVY challenge this week.

Curve CurveCurveCurve

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

One of my favorite photographs that I captured this summer.  This is a macro shot of a dandelion by getting very low to the ground.  The photo shows its soft, delicate, and pure state.  PURE is this week’s challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

NUMBERS depicted by symbols or shapes on these dominoes, bingo balls and dice.  What are your numbers?  Join this week’s challenge.  These photos were taken at the Dai Loy Museum, a former gambling house, in Locke, California.  It was a social center for the community between 1916-1950.

Numbers Numbers Numbers

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