Notes & Notes

pressure sensitive adhesive note paper
pressure sensitive adhesive note paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am one to maintain handy dandy tools to be organized and be efficient productivity wise.  When I learned about Evernote I toyed whether to convert from Microsoft’s One Note.  I tested usage on both on my iPhone and iPad devices.  Installing, uninstalling and ultimately reinstalling.  I use both.  Evernote mainly to keep a quick to do list and quick access to notes to have while mobile.  One Note is my major notebook on my computer for home and work.  I cannot live without One Note.  I love them both.  I did try mobile One Note.  For mobility I liked Evernote better.  Luv how my notes stay sync’ed across all devices.  I discovered a resourceful site called makeuseof when researching alternatives to my OCR problem working on the computer.  I haven’t explored many sites.  The information was useful as I learned how to copy text from scanned documents or images into One Note + more.  So issue resolved!

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