Basking in the Park

Working my way towards a new telephoto lens +400mm.  I decided to try the mirror lens, Opteka 500mm-1000mm, since it was more affordable for now.   The new toy arrived yesterday and I took several practice shots.  I am a shaky person to begin with, and cannot hold my DSLR securely to avoid shake.  Using a tripod is my solution.  During the practice shots, though, I did not use the tripod.  This photo did not turn out too bad.  There were many deleted, however.  This lens may work out for the time being.  The photo was taken with the teleconverter attached, making it f=1000mm. The contrast is slightly adjusted in Photoshop 6 with no other enhancements.    I take photos for fun and really enjoy it.  This serves my purpose for now.


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