Lens Flare

Recently I took photos and learned spots that appeared were due to “lens flare“.

Soon after I found an article published by PopPhoto.com with a set of photographs containing lens flare, which were entries for a challenge:

Lens companies often go to great lengths to fight lens flare. But, to some shooters, those unpredictable streaks, spots, and stars of light make for an extremely appealing aesthetic. For last month’s photo challenge, we asked you to go out and push your lenses to their limits. The results will doubtlessly be a bit controversial because some folks just aren’t fans of the flare. But, we think there’s a lot of beauty in it.

Read more and view the gallery of photographs at Pop Photo.

Cambridge in Colour explains lens flare very well, providing what it looks like, how it happens, and how to minimize.

After taking photographs for years and years, 2013 is was my first experience with lens flare.

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