Layers Of Lego For Layers Of Hope For The Philippines

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Layers Of Lego For Layers Of Hope

I always wondered what to do with the layers and layers of Lego bricks my son accumulated through the years. Yesterday, my son shared with me a brilliant idea as we ready for our family’s fundraising event for the Typhoon Haiyan victims at our son’s last Fall Soccer game.

 Lego Fundraising Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Friday night, we went home late after buying all the things we needed for our first fundraising. Tired but wired up from excitement, we were still awake at 02:00 in the morning doing our respective assignment. My wife was baking the last batch of the cheese cup cakes and coconut macaroons, I was busy finishing my poster board and my son, making as much customized Lego Spinners and Lego Star Troopers. After finishing the poster board, I asked my son to teach me how to make the Lego Spinners so he can catch up…

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3 thoughts on “Layers Of Lego For Layers Of Hope For The Philippines”

  1. The story about the legos was so heartfelt I had to share it. I have relatives in Cebu. Although this area did not experience the amount of devastation as Tacloban and other parts of the Visayas, I pray for all the families and all that has been affected to heal. Thank you.


  2. Hi Sally, thank you for your wish for the layers of hope for my country. It is a slow process of rebuilding and healing, but by God’s awesome grace, tiny steps will lead to leaps of faith trusting HIM with the impossible and knowing that my people will be lifted up — April


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