Weekly Photo Challenge: One

ONE of the Angels for Christmas.  The Weekly Photo Challenge:  ONE.



To be an angel bend don’t break, To be an angel give don’t take, To be an angel Come down to earth, To be an angel In Wisdom worth, To be an angel Gracious be, To be an angel Guide others to see, To be an angel Share what you know, To be an angel In thoughts and words, To be an angel you move toward, To be an angel in actions show. Then finally be an Angel of Love from Heaven above.  –Philo Yan

Read Michelle’s story and see the other entries for this challenge.  Here are a few.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One”

  1. Cris – Thanks for liking this post and sharing. It is said we have an angel watching over us. While searching through photographs I saw this one appropriate with the holidays upon us. It gave a sense of peace. I can only hope that it does for those that are rushed due to the hub-bub, preparations, and to those that may be saddened during this time of year. Sally.


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