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Weekly Photo Challenge: Structure

STRUCTURE is this week’s challenge.  I love taking photographs of lights.  Here are a few displaying creative structure in each.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Textures

There are so many options to select for this week’s challenge: TEXTURES.  My camera accidentally snapped this photo, which turned into a cool abstract of textures.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Bridge

The iconic Tower Bridge in Sacramento, California.  It is painted gold, emblematic of its Gold Rush days and in context with the historic buildings built during the 1850s in Old Sacramento. The bridge is repainted about every 30 years.  This week’s challenge is BRIDGE, hosted by Cheri Lucas Rowlands.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

LOOK UP and capture more.  This week’s photo challenge reminds us to take the time to view all of our surroundings.

Look Up Look Up Look Up Look Up

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This week’s challenge brings OPPOSITES together.  They do attract as shown in these photographs.  The Old Sugar Mill creates terraces at the rear of the building with various flowers and plants here and there, while retaining the old rustic atmosphere.

OppositesOpposites Opposites Opposites Opposites

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

This week’s challenge is ORNATE.  Historic buildings contain ornate décor.  The California State Library is one.

Ornate Ornate Ornate Ornate


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

History is gone, but not forgotten.  Books, photographs and art chronicle days past.  The California State Library.

View many of the great contributions towards this challenge here.

Gone, But Not Forgotten