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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

A rare find…. a collection of 78 rpm records and old phonograph.  I came across these at a local antique faire.  This week’s challenge is RARE.  Join in and share a rare moment.

Rare Rare

Weekly Photo Challenge: Jubilant

JUBILANT is the Sacramento Taiko Dan group when it performs.  This is an amazing group.  Synchronization and showmanship are outstanding.  Check out this week’s photo challenge brought to us by Michelle W.

JubilantJubilant Jubilant Jubilant Jubilant Jubilant

Weekly Photo Challenge: Alphabet

Photos brought together for this week’s challenge:  ALPHABET, by Michelle W.
This combination of photographs contain the full set of letters in the alphabet.  There are signs everywhere!

Alphabet Alphabet Alphabet Alphabet


Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

What’s your HAPPY PLACE?!?  This week’s challenge by Krista.  So many to choose.  Fun! Happy! Let loose!

Happy Place

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Neglected for years.  How many of us have abandoned cassettes, LPs, and VHS tapes sitting in cabinets, shelves, boxes or storage waiting to be touched and played?  Guilty………with the evolving technology over the years my media has not been played.

Abandoned Abandoned

ABANDONED – The Weekly Photo Challenge.

2nd Planet was awesome today!





Great music and wonderful collaboration!  They will be performing at GV Cellars in Fairfield this coming weekend.  Checkout 2nd Planet’s site for the schedule.