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Weekly Photo Challenge: Temporary

Do you ever see a squirrel sit for too long?  TEMPORARY is this week’s challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

LAYERED is the recent weekly challenge.  With the end of summer here are lovely yellow daisies.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ooh Shiny!

An unexpected SHINY moment reflecting upon the roof of the car.   This week’s challenge presented by Andrea Badgley.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Elemental

ELEMENTAL is this week’s challenge.   A beauty of nature.  The water, sky and earth at sunset.

Weekly Photo Challenge: It IS Easy Being Green

It IS Easy Being Green is this week’s photo challenge.  Being green in Connie King’s toilet garden located in Locke, California.

Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

NEW HORIZON is this week’s photo challenge.  Rain threatens while driving on the California highway through Placerville.

New Horizon

Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…….

This week’s challenge is, “It’s Not This Time of Year Without…….”…… leaves all over the ground.  Sacramento is known as the city of trees.

It's Not This Time of Year Without...

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

The sun sets.  SHINE is this week’s challenge.