Weekly Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

Beauty and the beast.  The tree shows signs of winter against the beauty of the river in the background.  The challenge this week, AGAINST THE ODDS.

Against the Odds

Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

Old Sacramento is a local area vibrant with visits from the local people and tourists.  Throughout the year many events and festivals are held in Old Sac.  Located on the Sacramento River it has many great restaurants and is adjacent to the Tower Bridge.  LOCAL is this week’s challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

A quiet reflection upon the water.  MIRROR is this week’s challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

This week’s challenge is FRAME, featured by Nancy Thanki.  Here are a few FUN FRAMES.


Miniature exhibit of the SRO, single-room occupancy hotel room, for Chinese families in San Francisco in the past. Not realizing I was capturing a selfie in the miniature mirror, this photo was captured at the Chinese Historical Society of America Museum.


An attempt to take a photo of an inside classroom failed due to the outside glare. Instead the woman in the hat was captured framed by the reflection of my hand in the window, blocking the glare.


Using the arch of the front part of the hotel as a frame, a photo of the fountain and bicycle was captured.


Reflective sun glasses for sale at a vendor’s booth offered a frame for the kids jumpee across the way.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

The Farmer’s Market is a place to shop in the MORNING.  You will find beautiful and luscious fruits and vegetables, along with many other goodies.  MORNING is this week’s challenge.  Good morning!

Morning MorningMorning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

NARROW is this week’s challenge, presented by Ben Huberman.  This photo shows the narrow clearance between each narrow stalk of bamboo.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

Artists details.  DETAILS is this week’s photo challenge.  These photographs were taken during the Crocker Art Museum’s block party held at a local library.  The museum hosted block parties in various local communities.

Details Details Details DetailsDetailsDetails

Weekly Photo Challenge: Opposites

This week’s challenge brings OPPOSITES together.  They do attract as shown in these photographs.  The Old Sugar Mill creates terraces at the rear of the building with various flowers and plants here and there, while retaining the old rustic atmosphere.

OppositesOpposites Opposites Opposites Opposites

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