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10 Photography Hacks that will Dramatically Improve Your Photos

Beware of Dog

There is a widely accepted rule called The Pareto Principle also known as the 80:20 rule. In short, it states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the efforts. I find that in learning photography, this can even skew much higher. This means that potentially improving 5% of your photographic knowledge in the right places, could improve your photography by 95%!  By Mike Newton.  Read more, at the Digital Photography School.

I am always reading articles and tips about the world of photography, and viewing many photographs.  Doing so refreshes my perspective on the skills I have acquired and things to try.  Endless!

9 Services That Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Unique Objects

9 Services That Turn Your Instagram Photos Into Unique Objects

Photo sharing taken to new levels. These are wonderful!  They go beyond the typical novelties.  Nice.





Lens Flare

Recently I took photos and learned spots that appeared were due to “lens flare“.

Soon after I found an article published by with a set of photographs containing lens flare, which were entries for a challenge:

Lens companies often go to great lengths to fight lens flare. But, to some shooters, those unpredictable streaks, spots, and stars of light make for an extremely appealing aesthetic. For last month’s photo challenge, we asked you to go out and push your lenses to their limits. The results will doubtlessly be a bit controversial because some folks just aren’t fans of the flare. But, we think there’s a lot of beauty in it.

Read more and view the gallery of photographs at Pop Photo.

Cambridge in Colour explains lens flare very well, providing what it looks like, how it happens, and how to minimize.

After taking photographs for years and years, 2013 is was my first experience with lens flare.

Which Side Is Your Good Side?

Whatever you do, accentuate that left cheek of yours: it is your best one. According to a scientific study, there no longer remains a question of which is your best side. Everyone, it seems, agrees that left is best.

Read more:  Which Side Is Your Good Side? Here Comes the Science |

My Best Side
This is My Best Side in Rosarito Beach

Tips for Shooting Landscapes with a Telephoto Lens

Landscape photography is often synonymous with wide-angle lenses, strategically  placed foreground elements and all encompassing vistas that stretch from the  very near to the very far.  There is no doubt that using that approach can  create wonderful images that lead the viewer through a grand landscape however  there is also merit in taking a different approach and using a telephoto lens.

Read more.


Step it Up or Down

I recently learned about “Step Up” and “Step Down” rings.  These are great to have and can save on the expense of purchasing filters for each camera lens.  The conversion rings can be used with filters/accessories of one size and convert the diameter to a different size.   Step Up or Step Down?  When stepping down watch for vignetting.  Because the actual filter size is smaller than the lens, there can be dark corners in the photograph.  An actual photo of the rings were not available through Zemanta here.  Click on the photo of the filter below to view step up/down rings sold at Amazon.

English: circular polarizing photographic filt...
English: circular polarizing photographic filter Česky: otočný polarizační fotografický filtr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beyond Taking a Photo

There is a workflow after taking that great photo.  These past two months I have invested time into enhancing my knowledge of photography through online training and mentoring locally with top photographer Joe Chan.  Joe is awesome.  I just love to view his photographs.  We’ve had three field trips.  A fabulous experience being out with fellow photographers and sharing our work.  Here is one of my photos from an evening out.  Check out the top 10 post processing steps if you want to know more about post processing.  This is just one site.  There are many offering photography tips and training.

This photograph is of the Crest Theater in Sacramento with the Light Rail Train breezing by.

Light Rail and The Crest-rz1

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The Class in a Card

The ‘class’ for a memory card makes a difference.   Tis the season for retail sales.  There are great deals for memory cards.  Do not overlook the ‘class’ for the card to ensure you are buying the best for your shooting objectives.  eHow explains the differences.  Ensure that great buy is the best great-great buy!

Memory Card mixture

Memory Card mixture (Photo credit: johnmuk)