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Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

This is not hard to find.  I would have loved to photograph a day of heavy multi-tasking, but have no time to stage it.  Settling for E-waste.  CHAOS is this week’s challenge.


Notes & Notes

pressure sensitive adhesive note paper
pressure sensitive adhesive note paper (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am one to maintain handy dandy tools to be organized and be efficient productivity wise.  When I learned about Evernote I toyed whether to convert from Microsoft’s One Note.  I tested usage on both on my iPhone and iPad devices.  Installing, uninstalling and ultimately reinstalling.  I use both.  Evernote mainly to keep a quick to do list and quick access to notes to have while mobile.  One Note is my major notebook on my computer for home and work.  I cannot live without One Note.  I love them both.  I did try mobile One Note.  For mobility I liked Evernote better.  Luv how my notes stay sync’ed across all devices.  I discovered a resourceful site called makeuseof when researching alternatives to my OCR problem working on the computer.  I haven’t explored many sites.  The information was useful as I learned how to copy text from scanned documents or images into One Note + more.  So issue resolved!

Got over the fear of complication….

It took reading through the basics of Learning Word Press to realize it’s not that complicated.  My feet are on the ground.  Here I go.


My first challenge is learning to use Word Press.