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Amazing Photographs of the Endevour

Hell Yeah!
Hell Yeah! (Photo credit: swoofty)

I had to share this.  It was awesome to watch the footage on our local news.  So many citizens were out on roof tops, hills, balconies, and streets across the country to watch this historical moment of the space shuttle’s last journey.  The photos are available at My Modern Met.   Fabulous photos!


Great Artistry

After seeing this I had to share.  I had no idea how little knowledge I had of Photoshop until viewing this mastery of art.  This is truly amazing.

Coffee lookin’ good

Driving coast to coast there are pockets of long shots.
This one, in the desert …
Coffee looked good right about now.

One of my favorites

National Geographic

National Geographic magazine is one of my all time favorites.  I travel the world through the stories and beautiful photographs.  Love the collection of wallpapers available.