I’m Missy!  I am an Australian shepard and Malamute mix breed.  My owners consider me their sweetheart.  I know I am.  I really love them too!   Ball is my favorite sport.  Got to have my rides in the car, and I just love to watch for critters and chase them away from the yard.

15 thoughts on “Missy”

  1. She looks like a sweetie — great photos of her! Our Aussie is going on 15…he does not have as much energy as before (and you know how energetic Aussies can be), but still lights up around us. His photo (along with other others we loved, Jake – a lab mix from the shelter, and Sara, my beloved Newfie are on my post about dog names, and one of the first post on my blog…here it is in case you have not seen him yet http://lolako.com/dog-pet-names/


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"Fleeting moments when captured in memory bring heartfelt results" – April

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