Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic

The Global Winter Wonderland opens today in Sacramento, California, bringing a magical experience to families and children.  MAGIC is this week’s challenge.  These are photographs taken last year.

Magic Magic   MagicMagic


Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

Miniature figures on display of the farming culture at the Sacramento History Museum.   The museum displays exhibits, stories and galleries of the historic gold rush era, farming, diverse communities and so much more surrounding Sacramento, the Central Valley and California.  TINY is this week’s challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos

This is not hard to find.  I would have loved to photograph a day of heavy multi-tasking, but have no time to stage it.  Settling for E-waste.  CHAOS is this week’s challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine

The sun sets.  SHINE is this week’s challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Local

Old Sacramento is a local area vibrant with visits from the local people and tourists.  Throughout the year many events and festivals are held in Old Sac.  Located on the Sacramento River it has many great restaurants and is adjacent to the Tower Bridge.  LOCAL is this week’s challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

A quest for food.  Our turn!!!! The Weekly Photo Challenge, QUEST.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

It is a very cold day.  Do not get too close to the edge and slip into the cold river!  EDGE is this week’s challenge.  Check out the great posts so far.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

A quiet reflection upon the water.  MIRROR is this week’s challenge.


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