Coffee lookin’ good

Driving coast to coast there are pockets of long shots.
This one, in the desert …
Coffee looked good right about now.


Dinner at the Delta King featuring Schug Winery

Attended a dinner and wine tasting last night at the Delta King featuring wines by Schug Carneros Estates.   Fabulous, fabulous! A five course meal paired with five wines.  I cannot say enough about the scrumpcious courses.  The wines were wonderful!  To top it off, we had a blast with Keely and Paul seated next to us.  Happy Birthday Paul!

If you have not been, another great way to spend the evening on the Delta King is the Mystery Dinner Theater. We will be sure to visit Schug Carneros Estates in Sonoma.

Fond Memory

On the way to give out much needed hugs.  Passed up this classic.  It reminded me of the days when I was growing up, watching I Love Lucy, the old black and white TV, Mom wearing the apron when cooking, my younger sister helping her bake a cake, my brother with his yoyo, my sister and I dressed alike, the old rotary phone, my Dad watching Combat.  So many fond and priceless memories, long ago, but never forgotten.

One of my favorites

National Geographic

National Geographic magazine is one of my all time favorites.  I travel the world through the stories and beautiful photographs.  Love the collection of wallpapers available.

Got over the fear of complication….

It took reading through the basics of Learning Word Press to realize it’s not that complicated.  My feet are on the ground.  Here I go.

2nd Planet was awesome today!





Great music and wonderful collaboration!  They will be performing at GV Cellars in Fairfield this coming weekend.  Checkout 2nd Planet’s site for the schedule.

If at first you don’t succeed?

You know this old saying….try and try again!  This was instilled into us growing up.  Well I’m all grown up now and I find practice and practice and practice may not make one perfect.  Discover what you are good at and stick with that.  If you are great at it, it comes naturally.  Great cooks are great cooks!  Great pianists are great pianists!  Great photographers are great photographers!  All without effort.  Naturale!  Find your niche……


My first challenge is learning to use Word Press.

"Fleeting moments when captured in memory bring heartfelt results" – April

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