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Scrapbooking and Photo Stuff

In 2000 I entered the world of scrapbooking.  I was invited to a Creative Memories Scrapbooking party hosted by a girlfriend.  This was way before today’s digital world of photo sharing sites, online or mobile apps with various templates, embellishments, journaling and other features.  The traditional scrapbooking process was very, very time consuming and pricey.  Hot to complete my first 12 x 12 book I would stay up all hours of the night and work into the day.  Cropping, cutting, pasting, journaling.  The key to a great scrapbook took some planning on how to decorate a page. What background paper to use, what to say, the props, and how to position each piece. I worked a full time job so pages were created over a weekend and as I had time.  Many runs were made to Michael’s store for supplies.  Clip Art software came in handy for embellishing pages.  Of course this required me to print the props and actually cut them with scissors in order to paste them to the page.  I actually completed 3 – 12 x 12 books.  Due to other demands I stopped for a while, and started again 4 years ago.  This time, however, creating digital versions!  Yay!  I was so happy as more and more software and apps came onto the market.  I liked the point and click!  It eliminated cutting and pasting.  At the beginning I surprised myself.  I had no I idea I had a creative streak in me.  I was never a crafter or artist. There is still an amount of time spent to create the digital versions. I do have fun with it!

A few years back I scanned all photographs creating digital files on my computer.  This allowed me to share my photographs with other family members on DVD, since I was the only person holding these copies.   The photo projects I create these days include-

  • individual memory pages
  • scrap boards using the large project poster boards
  • collages of various sizes
  • photo books
  • scrapbooks (traditional and mostly digital)
  • cards (digital, paper, video)
  • decorative envelopes
  • picture CDs
  • creating movies with pictures on DVD
  • video transfer home movies from VHS to the computer/DVD

While documenting my experience I wondered about the history for Scrapbooking.  Wikipedia provides the history and statistical trends.  I am one of the over 4 million women scrapbookers.  Keep up with what is happening with Scrapbooking at About.com.