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Basking in the Park

Working my way towards a new telephoto lens +400mm.  I decided to try the mirror lens, Opteka 500mm-1000mm, since it was more affordable for now.   The new toy arrived yesterday and I took several practice shots.  I am a shaky person to begin with, and cannot hold my DSLR securely to avoid shake.  Using a tripod is my solution.  During the practice shots, though, I did not use the tripod.  This photo did not turn out too bad.  There were many deleted, however.  This lens may work out for the time being.  The photo was taken with the teleconverter attached, making it f=1000mm. The contrast is slightly adjusted in Photoshop 6 with no other enhancements.    I take photos for fun and really enjoy it.  This serves my purpose for now.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walkway

A Walk in the Park


Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Here is my up!  You can only look up passing under a bridge!  This photo was taken from inside the Mega Bus on the way into San Francisco.

FEATURE Posted by Sara Rosso

IMG_6500e (2)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

FEATURED Posted by Sara Rosso

Up can be a direction, an orientation, or even a movement. Share a picture which means UP to you!

Serengetti always looking up to me.
This photo was taken with my first DSLR camera in 2009. This photo is one of my favorites. Serengetti loved posing for me in the early days.

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Step it Up or Down

I recently learned about “Step Up” and “Step Down” rings.  These are great to have and can save on the expense of purchasing filters for each camera lens.  The conversion rings can be used with filters/accessories of one size and convert the diameter to a different size.   Step Up or Step Down?  When stepping down watch for vignetting.  Because the actual filter size is smaller than the lens, there can be dark corners in the photograph.  An actual photo of the rings were not available through Zemanta here.  Click on the photo of the filter below to view step up/down rings sold at Amazon.

English: circular polarizing photographic filt...
English: circular polarizing photographic filter Česky: otočný polarizační fotografický filtr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beyond Taking a Photo

There is a workflow after taking that great photo.  These past two months I have invested time into enhancing my knowledge of photography through online training and mentoring locally with top photographer Joe Chan.  Joe is awesome.  I just love to view his photographs.  We’ve had three field trips.  A fabulous experience being out with fellow photographers and sharing our work.  Here is one of my photos from an evening out.  Check out the top 10 post processing steps if you want to know more about post processing.  This is just one site.  There are many offering photography tips and training.

This photograph is of the Crest Theater in Sacramento with the Light Rail Train breezing by.

Light Rail and The Crest-rz1

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Follow the rules? Nah-break them when it makes sense

Life is short. Break some rules.
Life is short. Break some rules. (Photo credit: Adriana Sugimoto)

Pop Photo gives 10 Photography Rules to Break in this month’s issue.  The amazing photos in this gallery confirms rules do not need to be followed.  I often forget the basics being too focused on taking the shot while I have the chance.  If it ends up being a good photo, that’s okay!

48 Days

It’s been 48 days since my first blog here at Word Press.  I did not know what to expect.  My sister introduced me to the blogging world and Word Press.  Not disappointed.  I say this not for my own blogging purposes.  This connects me with you.  Bloggers who like my blogs who have great stories!  I really enjoy reading your material and viewing your wonderful and great art of photographs.  They are stories in itself.   Technology brings people together in many ways, near and far.  I started this blog for photo sharing.  Outside my front door are beautiful flowers.  I took some photos today.  It was pretty windy though.  I am not a pro.  I am a photo hobbyist, and I enjoy taking photos.  Here is one for you.

Another Sacramento Rose.