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Photo Project Tools

In the last two weeks I have been busy with photo projects.  I re-evaluted the tools utilized for my projects to ensure they are still effective to produce quality work and a good level of productivity.  I don’t consider myself an expert nor am I familiar with all the software available.  At this point, decided to continue with what I have.  These all work for me, afterall, meeting the objective.   Here is my aresenal.

Digital Scrapbooking
My Memories Suite is my fave for creating scrap pages, cards or digital scrapbooks.   A traditional (paper) Scrapbooker for a few years, I found this software to be the digital version of creating a scrapbook manually.  I tried various software prior to this; in my opinion this process was right on it.  The tool contains many designs; so much flexibility.  It has the ability to create a movie as the finished product to DVD or a shared link.

I started using Photoshop more for editing and photo enhancement.  I am working towards bringing my skill to a higher level.   I also have Photoshop Elements which came with the Wacom Bamboo pen.  This really helps in the editing process.  Having the pen also helps get away from using the keyboard all the time while using the computer.

Did not really use an organizer.  Today, for the first time I actually took the time to really become familiar with Picasa to see if it can be beneficial in my aresenal of tools.  I’m probably the last to know it has built in features for adding enhancements to photos, much like other software.  I thought this one was cool.

Canon Rebel T3i Software Package
I have a Canon DSLR, Rebel T3i.  With the packaged software it came with Digital Photo Professional.  This is a great software to  perform batch process on certain actions, which I use for reducing the size of photos to post to the web or rename files.   I always shoot photos set to the largest size on the camera in the event large prints may be produced.  Not doing this once was a lesson learned.  The package also has an organizer which I need to test further to determine the best one to use.

Video Creation
Roxio Media Creator is the one for me right now.  Using the ION VCR to PC video converter, I transfer VHS videos to digital and use Roxio to create movies on DVD for family and friends.  Movies of special moments do not need to be sitting around on outdated media.

Photo Sharing
Shutterfly is my choice for sharing photos with family and friends in a customized view.  Picasa Web Albums is used for the quick upload for those anxious to see the photos right away.  My projects include creating photo books through Shutterfly (or other site) for photographs I take or taken by others.

I would love to hear about the computer based tools others are using!!  The mobile tools are a different world and I have not had a time to explore those yet.   Let me know.