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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

The Weekly Photo Challenge this week: From Lines to Patterns

Shapes, lines, textures or patterns!


Wow !  so many beautiful and wonderful entries.  Check them out-

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Week 4

Join Cee’s Which Way Challenge for this week.  I just returned from a vacation in New Jersey and New York.  This was an incredible sight to see.  The size of Grand Central Station and the volume of travelers was awesome to witness.  This panoramic was taken with a point n shoot.  By the time the third frame was taken, I caused blur with camera shake.

Grand Central Station

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Week 1

Cee presents the Which Way Challenge this week. Trains and buses come and go at the San Francisco Cal Train Station accommodating travelers and commuters to the destinations where they need to be.  Where’s my train?
San Francisco Cal Train Station