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Travel Theme: Tilted

There are many trees angled in various positions in the Louisiana Swamp.  This week’s Travel Theme:  Tilted.


Travel Theme: Simplicity

Simplicity, the state, quality, or an instance of being simple.

Ailsa’s Travel Theme:  Simplicity highlights the simpleness of a photograph.  Be sure to view the other great entries!

I had the chance to sit right next to the dug out of the visiting team playing against the Sacramento River Cats,  The Colorodo Sky Sox.  As the players came off the field, they placed their caps and gloves on the steps returning to the dug out and picked them up as they returned to the field.

Time Out

Travel Theme: Motion

Our loving friends are always on the move.  While at William Pond Recreational Area in Sacramento, this pet was playing catch with its owner in the river.


My Missy loves to run around the backyard with her ball, expecting us to catch her to get the ball!

Run Missy Run!

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